Pharmacy Student Survival Guide

[Year : 2009] [Size : 3.26 MB] [Format : PDF] [Page : 608]
Ruth E. Nemire, BSPh, PharmD, EdD and
Karen L. Kier, PhD, MSc, RPh

Pharmacy Student Survival Guide

Line of Contents

          SECTION 1 Systems and Expectations
  • First Practice Course Expectations
  • Ethics in Pharmacy Practice
  • Pharmacy as a Community-Based Profession
  • Communication: An Overview
  • Rounding, Documentation, and Patient Education
  • Monitoring Drug Therapy
  • Regulatory Agencies with Pharmacy Oversight and Legal Requirements for Filling a Prescription

    SECTION 2 Patient Care Tool Box
  • A Brief Look at the Construction of Medical Terminology and Common Definitions of Words That are Part of the Pharmacy Vernacular
  • Pharmacy Calculations
  • Physical Assessment Skills
  • Interpretation of Clinical Laboratory Data
  • Designing Patient Treatment Plans: Pharmacokinetic Foundations

    SECTION 3 Topics in Pharmacy Practice
  • Drug Information and Drug Literature Evaluation
  • Community/Ambulatory Care
  • Institutional Pharmacy Practice
  • Managed Care
  • Public Health
  • Taking it to the Streets: Reducing Health Disparities Through Domestic and Global Outreach to the Underserved
  • Index
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