Hacking Gmail™

[Year : 2006] [Size : 4.08 MB] [Format : PDF] [Page : 311]
Ben Hammersley
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Hacking Gmail™

Line Contents

          Part I: Starting to Use Gmail
  • Desktop Integration
  • Integrating Your Existing Mail
  • Gmail Power Tips

    Part II: Getting Inside Gmail
  • Skinning Gmail
  • How Gmail Works
  • Gmail and Greasemonkey
  • Gmail Libraries
  • Checking for Mail
  • Reading Mail
  • Sending Mail

    Part III: Conquering Gmail
  • Dealing with Labels
  • Addressing Addresses
  • Building an API from the HTML-Only Version of Gmail
  • Exporting Your Mail
  • Using Gmail to
  • Using GmailFS

    Appendix: Long Code Listings

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